I work predominately in 1-2-1 Sessions. I have a space in London and in East Sussex that can be used. I am happy to do sessions over the phone and on Zoom.

Please feel welcome to email me also we can arrange a free 15minute consultation to see whether this is the right fit for you.  

With new clients I recommend that we have a longer session than normal to start with so that we can assess what you would like to achieve and to find out where you are on your journey. 

Come work with me and let's make you heart bigger and more compassionate to all, most importantly of all, to yourself. 

I am also planning on holding group sessions and retreats once restrictions are lifted. 

How I Can Work For You


Rebalancing is a process of you finding your unique positive balance. We'll look at your work and personal life and see where we can adjust, let go and bring in, whatever you need to make you happier.

Happiness is the end goal. 

Unravelling Family Trauma

Family Trauma is passed down through generations. Here we are looking to air out your past and present family trauma so that we can have space to heal and move towards a happier more fulfilling life. 

EQ = Emotional Intelligence.

Here you discover what you are feeling and start to come to an understanding of your personal world of emotions. Giving those feeling names and ways of expressing them so we are not controlled by them. By understanding our own emotions you will be able to have more empathy and compassion allowing you to have a more harmonious relationship. 

EQ Training

Workshops designed to help us truely fall back in love with the bodies we have. May they have tiger stripes, dimples, wobble and shake we will find ways to feel into ourselves and come to accept the beauty of what we already have.

Self Love Workshops