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  • What is Systemic Business Coaching?
    Systemic work bases itself on outward big picture thinking. It looks past each individual towards the whole business, within a culture, a country and its impact on everything that it is involved with. A systemic perspective in business leads to the conclusion that the company is better off if all departments work together rather than in competition with other. The interrelationships between the staff, the departments, senior management, customers and vendors. A constellation workshop or systemic coaching/consulting will surface the unseen dynamics and then reveal new healthier patterns of working that will have a lasting effect not only to the business but all parties involved.
  • Who benefits from this kind of work?
    Everyone. I have specialised in people who work in the creative industries as I have a personal connection and experience within this arena. Yet I believe this work can help anyone. Companies who have a quick turn around within high stress environments who need to make sure their employees stay happy and productive, to self employed individuals who are fighting against their resistance to social media or finding new clients. Even if you dont think of yourself as a creative I'm sure I can help.
  • How long do we need to work together?
    A question that gets asked to me often is 'how long do we need together'. All of these a very valid questions. My answer is that it depends on why you have come to me and what are we trying to achieve? In short I would say that a 3-6 month term together is probably best. To make the work effective consistently looking at where you are and whats needed needs consistency.
  • How long till I see a difference
    Depends once again on individual situations. Hopefully with the systemic business work we can at least work together to allow you a different perspective quickly. This work is all about becoming aware of what habits/patterns you are repeating and understanding them. Stress Managment we should see a difference quite quickly as we will be working on techniques that can be implemented by you at home without me.
  • How often shall I be coming to see you?
    To begin with I say once a week. As we spend more time together I would suggest going to bi-weekly sessions and then we can make a decision togther about how you would like to proceed but ultimately it is up to you.
  • Will I get Homework/Assignments?
    Sometimes. Its not always needed and I'm not a dictator who is going to demand that you do certain things. It comes down to what you as an individual need. Do you need to be pushed in a certain area? Do you want someone to hold you accountable? I can do that and we can discuss that as an option.
  • Can I contact you out of sessions? Will you contact me?
    Yes you can. I would love to have updates about how you're doing whether thats good or bad. I also ask that my clienst call within the working day if possible - if the phone call goes beyond 10 minutes fees will start to be applied. If its to be out of hours a message is best with the acknowledgment that I may not respond till the morning. In terms of me contacting you, it depends on what we have discussed re-assignments or check-ins. Do you need me to check in on you? If so we can make a plan.
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