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I offer Compassionate Guidance Through stressful times. 

I've worked in Film and TV for the last decade. My time within the industry has made me aware of the need for mental health advocacy within productions where we can often feel isolated and like our personal lives don't matter.

My passion died. I don’t want yours to. 

I want to help keep your passion burning, without you burning out.


I aim to turn this tide and make productions Mental Health Aware and proactive. By coming in and supporting from the beginning, alongside the crew, through the whole process of production.




  • Foundation in Counselling and Psychotherapy - CCPE (2020)

  • Certified Systemic Business Coach  - 2021

  • STA Transformation Coaching Academy - 2021-2023 

  • Collective trauma therapy, Thomas Hübl - 2021

  • Mental health first aid, WAES - 2021

  • Equality and Diversity Training, WAES - 2022

  • Systemic Family Constellation Therapy (2015-present)

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