Who Am I?


I am a daughter, sister, lover and friend. I am a mongrel whose heart lies in South Africa with my family heritage. I believe in the philosophy of ubuntu, 'that I am because you are'. That we all work and live in cycles of life and death with each other. Everything is part of a system and each system has its own story. I am so much more than me. I am my parents and all of my ancestors before them. I carry the weight of my country and culture upon my shoulders and it is up to me to see that I do the work to lessen the burden for future generations. 

I have a personal history of working out of the norm when it comes to Identity, Sexuality and Non-monogamy. I am a sex-positive individual who was lucky to grow up in an arena where self-love and pleasure are seen as part of a healthy balanced life. Thinking out the box when it comes to the societies 'normal' is a comfortable place for me yet I understand the challenges it can create. Whether you are a They/them, she or he, you are welcome. No judgement here.

I am here as a mentor and guide to help you find the next step on your journey.  My role in our relationship will be to see that you are supported in your growth. Each session is custom made to what you need. Whether that be business-related or personal is up to you. In my experience, I find that creating and engaging in balancing the two is vital to our own health and wellbeing. My own personal

experiences within the Film and TV industry showed me how stress and anxiety have an impact on the body. It led me to find ways in which to help understand what is best for each of us. Working with me you will discover what is best for you. Through getting to know each other, finding what your heart yearns to do, gaining insight into your family trauma and understanding how you relate to yourself.

Why Me?


I have experienced 7 years worth of systemic family constellation work and have started on the journey of learning to facilitate. I am currently undergoing training in Collective Trauma release and have done my Foundation in Counselling at the CCPE. I have personal experience within the sex-positive community and non-monogamy. 

 The most important thing about us working together is getting on. Our relationship is integral to helping you get to where you want to be and enjoying the process of getting there. Your end result is you loving yourself,  with the tools in place to keep you balanced and going strong. I'm here to be your personal cheerleader until you can do it without me.

I have an understanding that sometimes we need to come out of our head to fully comprehend a problem. Whether that be through moving our body to release pent up energy and emotions or through visually displaying the dynamics of our family and events of our past. It is amazing the progress that can be made when we can see events laid out before our eyes. By connecting both parts of our frontal cortex we can create new levels of comprehension and a deeper more intuitive sense of how to move through and with it.


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